Reel Stories Master Class on Storyboarding with Nathan Stanton: Session 1 (recording of Zoom event)

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Watch this recording of Nathan Stanton's first session of his Master Class on storyboarding!

Our Master Classes are for filmmakers who have a special interest in specific professions within film - including sound mixing, storyboarding, script writing, editing and interviewing, among others. This class will be focused on all things storyboarding and visual language.

Course Moderator:

Nathan Stanton began his career at Pixar in June 1996 as a story artist for Pixar's second feature film, "A Bug's Life," and has worked on many of the studio's films since, including: Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Coco, among others.

Through using storyboards, Nathan, as part of the story department at Pixar, worked as a team piece together a film by drawing sequences, visualizing acting, staging, composition and editing to bring the film to life before it is animated.

Most recently, Nathan has moved on from Pixar and is now an independent contractor - working on several different animated and live-action projects, worked as a story consultant on the documentary "Crip Camp" (on Netflix now!), and is currently working on an animated feature for Sunrise Productions based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Course details:

This talk focuses on the visual language we use in creating shots. Every movie and TV show we watch is composed of many shots that are strung together to tell a story, and how these shots are made with interesting Staging & Composition can help support the story being told.

Often a well put together image can be so memorable and striking that it sticks with an audience well after watching the film, and can have more meaning than any dialogue being spoken.

The class goes over shots from Live-Action and Animated features to showcase how Shape / Lighting / Silhouette / Perspective can help create a memorable and interesting image.

This is a very special opportunity to watch a recording of Nathan Stanton's Storyboarding presentation to learn more about his artistry, current projects & to hear advice about the industry from one of the pros.

Included in this bundle is a storyboard template so you can begin creating your own storyboards today!

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  • Video file and PDF of a Storyboard Template

  • Video file and PDF of a Storyboard Template
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Reel Stories Master Class on Storyboarding with Nathan Stanton: Session 1 (recording of Zoom event)

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